Glasgow's Forgotten Village

The Grahamston Story
- a piece of Glasgow history

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Author tracks down the village that time forgot

‘Mr Glasgow himself, the late Jack House, declared that the existence of Grahamston was ‘a load of old cobblers’. Cobbles maybe, but not cobblers, as Gorbals-born author Norrie Gilliland has discovered in a painstakingly researched book about the village that time, and Glaswegians, forgot.’
Brian Swanson, The Daily Express
November 2002

Railroaded! A black period in city’s history

‘What Norrie has done is write a history of Grahamston. Never heard of it? Once it was a thriving village. Now it’s Central Station.’
Ian Buchan, The Evening Times
January 1993

Glasgow’s forgotten village

‘Grahamston may have striking similarities to the ephemeral Brigadoon, but Norrie has permanently opened its doors.’
Jamie Livingstone, The Glaswegian
November 2002

Lost memories echo beneath central station

‘A conversation with Norrie is like taking a trip down memory lane. He is one of the few who know all about the memories that echo around the railway platforms.’
Jonathan Rennie, The Evening Times
October 2002


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9 August 2018

Published June 2002.
(paperback ISBN 0-9542764-0-X).

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